Calling all producers: Positronic Digital compilation in the works!

Hey producer friends,

As you may have heard already through other channels, in the new year Positronic Digital will be releasing a compilation showcasing up-and-coming producers doing cool things in the realm of melodic electronic music.

This will be a carefully crafted collection that fits the Positronic vibe, a collaboration between up-and-coming producers and myself. What that means is, for all the tunes that make the cut I will be helping you guys out in regards to arrangement, musicality and sound quality, to help really make the tunes shine. The initial release will be a continuous mix, although as the focus of this is on the producers we will also be making the tracks individually available for sale as digital downloads.

Want to be involved?

Send us your unsigned, original demos (preferably by 31 December 2014) by uploading through the Positronic website:
You must own all rights to your track and the sounds contained within
If chosen , we will work with you to develop your ideas to help improve overall sound and composition of your tune
The selected tunes will be released as a mixed compilation as well as individual tracks for sale through Positronic Digital
Got questions? Ask us on twitter at @PositronicDigi

We’ve already had a bunch of great stuff sent to us for this and look forward to hearing what you guys have in store 🙂 in other Positronic news, coming shortly is our first signing of another artist’s single, from Christian Q and Shokstix with a remix from myself. We also have a Positronic EP Remixes release coming in the new year. It’s gonna be awesome!

Much love,


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